Organizational and Leadership Coaching By Those Who Have Been There.

Experienced Consultants provide a listening ear for you, like these two young girls.

A Listening Ear from someone who has walked in your shoes.

What's Different About SquareInch?

  • Expertise developed through decades of recognized leadership experience with an exceptional accent on international contexts.
  • Coaching based on the conviction that you are in the best position to make all final decisions.
  • Consulting built on the belief that the most successful organizations are those where clarity of mission is expressed in leadership and operational goals, policies and practices.

What Can SquareInch do for Us?

  • When you or your organization is facing significant leadership transition
  • When you are searching for key leaders and need coaching through the organizational stress that results
  • When you or your organization is trying to envision a long term future and create internal renewal to meet it.
  • When personal or organizational crisis hits.
  • When you simply want to check your own instincts against an outside perspective

Contact SquareInch Today!

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  • We are happy to have an initial conversation without charge or further commitment.